Working in MINTH

Polishing Engineer

Chen Mo


Motto: “Be sober-minded and self-disciplined. Know when to advance and retreat, and love myself.”

I fell in love with MINTH at the on-campus internship recruitment campaign in 2017, and this affection has last till today. It is tenacity and perseverance that drives me this far. When I joined MINTH, I made a clear distinction between work and life. However, the longer I work at MINTH, the dimmer I found the boundary between company and family is. I have come to realize that work is part of life, and colleagues are more than fellow workers, but are also friends and family members.
I didn’t expect that I would have much to do with English in addition to my daily routines. MINTH has put a lot of effort into the training of global talents, and the development of international competence, for which the company has held a lot of English contests and activities. Though I don’t have to speak English at work, I have participated in these events and have received a lot of rewards.
Like many of new graduates, I had once doubted my career choice and had been through confusion and anxiety. But now I know that is a prelude to a bright journey as long as I persevere with it. Lastly, never cast away what you love, as that will be the pure land for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.