Working in MINTH


PQMC Teamleader BU BMW

Königer Manuel

座右铭: “Act instead of reacting.”

Hi, I’m Manuel Königer. My position is PQMC Teamleader BU BMW in Minth Europe. We are a small but very important office. We mainly communicating only with the German OEMs, while we are acting as a kind of firewall and project steering organization for our plants and headquarter all over the world.
I am personally the type of leader who wants to make decisions and show responsibility to my teams; that´s why my way, which started as junior Project Manager, was definitely the right one. So if you are close to my type of person, I would recommend the PM family, as every day there is something new which you need to react on. It´s not getting boring ;-)

I have one major quote from Mr. Winston Churchill: “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.” At least it says that you should never give up.
So if you want to take responsibility and never give up before achieving the goal, join us!!