Working in MINTH

Vice General Manager of MBU- N.A

Yu Yuanwen


Motto: ”An accomplished person must be courageous to brave difficulty and shoulder responsibility”.

I joined MINTH in 2015, when I graduated with a master’s degree and got the job at MINTH’s campus recruitment campaign.
The past five years have passed swiftly and witnessed my growth from a naïve newcomer into an experienced professional. I have been through tough times when my colleagues turned their backs on me, my bosses blamed me, and my customers complained to me. But more importantly, I have received more helps from my colleagues, more guidance from my bosses, and more recognitions from my customers. Everyone will face both difficulty and encouragement at work. There is no exception. What makes you stand out, then? In my opinion, it is the courage to stare challenge in the face, and to take on responsibility. It has nothing to do with intellect, but with a positive attitude.
Go, go, go, boys and girls. A brighter future is for the brave.