News Release

Minth Group’s ESG-related ratings continue to improve

Sustainable development is the core component of Minth Group‘s business strategy. In recent years, Minth’s relentless efforts in the field of sustainable development resulting in a continuous improvement of its related capabilities. Now, we present Minth Group's performance in authoritative rating agencies such as EcoVadis, CDP, and MSCI (in chronological order of publication).

1. EcoVadis-CSR Performance
In January 2024, EcoVadis revealed that Minth Group had improved its sustainability assessment score by 2 points compared to the previous year. Also, the company was awarded the 'Commitment Medal'.

EcoVadis is a globally recognized organization in corporate social responsibility ratings. With unique evaluation criteria, EcoVadis surveys and assesses over 100,000 companies across more than 175 countries and 200 industries. They include reviewing policies, practices, and actual results in several areas such as environment, business ethics, and sustainable procurement. It aims to improve the sustainability performance of businesses and value chains, and to promote transparency and trust among partners. The "Commitment" medal, with a minimum score of 45 points in the EcoVadis methodology, which represents a "good" performance.

2. CDP Performance
In February 2024, the Global Environmental Information Research Center (CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project) released the latest global corporate carbon emission ratings. Minth Group is B- rated in climate change and B rated in water security, both higher than the global average.

The international non-profit organization CDP operates a global environmental disclosure platform, dedicated to promoting greenhouse gas emission reduction and protecting water and forest resources. In 2023, companies disclosing through CDP represented at least two-thirds of global market capitalization. CDP scores are widely used in investment and procurement decisions, facilitating the development of a zero-carbon, sustainable, and vibrant economy. CDP assessment results are divided into four levels: Leadership (A/A-), Management (B/B-), Awareness (C/C-), and Disclosure (D/D-).

3. MSCI-ESG Performance
In February 2024, the international authoritative index agency MSCI announced the latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating report for Minth Group (0425.HK), increasing their rating to BBB. This upgrade reflects an international recognition of Minth Group's sustainable development management achievements and strategies.

The MSCI ESG rating is one of the globally recognized ESG evaluation systems by investment institutions. It conducts annual ESG assessments on the most listed companies in the worldwide capital markets, covering three aspects: Environmental, Social, and Governance. The MSCI ESG rating is characterized by its independence, consistency, and transparency, which makes it a crucial reference for investment decisions by major global investment institutions