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We and the Society

With a keen sense of social responsibility,
MINTH has been paying close attention to the developments and changes in the Chinese society.

We and the Society

With founder Mr. Chin JongHwa at the helm, MINTH has been committed to making the company and the world at large a loving place, has been advocating the concept of “creating values for the society”, and has developed a keen sense of gratitude and social responsibility. MINTH Fund was established to offer a helping hand to employees in need, and to shoulder social responsibility. MINTH has also been offering generous support to and participating actively in public welfare programs, and fulfilling social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Honors and Awards

Keep on improving and grow into No.1

Excellent quality management and premium customer service have won
MINTH great reputation in the industry at home and abroad

MINTH received the Daimler Supplier Award in the Partnership category in 2018

In 2016, MINTH became the first Chinese enterprise to receive the BMW
Supplier Innovation Award in the Quality category,
for high stability and gloss of corrosion-resistant anodizing of aluminum trim.

Minth passed the global supplier evaluations of Ford,
GM and Nissan in 2002, 2004 and 2005, respectively. Dongfeng Nissan and Chongqing
Changan Suzuki also named MINTH to “excellent supplier”.

MINTH has been recognized as ASiA’s 200 BEST UNDER A BILLION by
Forbes for a consecutive 3 years

MINTH was recognized as the “BEST IR COMPANY” among listed automobile
and auto parts companies by INSTITUTONAL INVESTOR
in its 2011 All-Asia Executive Team survey

MINTH was on the list of 50 perfect growth stocks from Goldman Sachs