Working in MINTH

Director of MNA RDC

George Liu


Motto: “Be earnest and down-to-earth.”

My name is George Liu. I’m also called Dr. Liu. I studied overseas and received a doctorate degree.
Back in 2006, I learnt about MINTN North America for the first time. Then I joined MINTH North America in 2014, and started working at the R & D Center in 2017. Now I am the New Product R & D Director at the Innovation Center of MINTH.
Over the past three years, I have been working at the R & D Center, and have witnessed the growth of MINTH’s innovation team from less than 10 members, to a R & D team that supports four major product categories and multiple product lines. In this process, I have been much impressed by the great emphasis the management team places on product innovation and strong support from them, and have shared with the various business teams the challenge and success of global user-end technical marketing.
I am very grateful for joining a team that is active, willing to learn, and courageous to challenge new technologies, and also adopts a down-to-earth attitude at work.
Looking forward to you joining MINTH’s innovation team to establish MINTH as an innovative, world-class corporation.